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If you want a tree removing, you can count on your local tree surgeons at Shadow Of The Apple Tree

Call us on 07711 783 580 for services throughout Tunbridge Wells, Langton Green, Tonbridge, Matfield, Pembury, Paddock Wood and Mereworth.

Hives Removal

Safety is our priority

Full tree removal is carried out in the cases of trees: deemed to be structurally unsound (through root decay, being wind-thrown); diseased beyond remedy; causing heave or damage to property; planted without consideration for their mature size that have outgrown the insufficient space allocated them; self-seeded and not in a practical position.


The method and techniques used for tree removal depend on the circumstances, and include: felling, section felling, dismantling and various kinds of rigging (rope-lowering) techniques.


If the stump is to be removed, this is done with a stump-grinder which breaks up the stump and mixes it in with the soil. For moe information contact us or visit our gallery.

Gone forever

When we remove a tree, we work closely with you so you're always aware of the next steps. Whether you just want the tree gone, or you're considering leaving a decorative stump, we're here to help.

Is tree removal the answer?

- Taking up too much space

- Casting too much shade

- Outgrowing its space

- Becoming a hazard

- Looking to expand your home

Tree Removal in Progress



full tree removal in progress full tree removal in progress full tree removal in progress Stump grinder being towed to site Stump grind working on-site

"I was not surprised by the quiet and efficient manner that Christian Cain (Shadow of the Apple Tree) took down my large (unsafe) oak tree, but what I was surprised by was how immaculate they left my lawn, patio, steps and drive afterwards. There was no sign that they had ever been there! Fantastic! Thanks very much - I will recommend you to my friends”

Sarah King, Tunbridge Wells.